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    • Amsterdan, Netherlands
    • 04/08/2015
    • Error Code: F
    • Duration: 1 ms
    • Status: 1
    • Error Description: 1
test32 2 05/03/2013 02:38:40 PM 51 S    
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FTP Server Test

Test your FTP server for availability and performance from 2 dozen locations around the world. Use the form below to test FTP login, directory availability, and directory listing with or without an SSL connection. This is a free test. No login or personally identifiable information is retained.

Ensure FTP Performance. Sign up to monitor your FTP service for the next 30 days for free. FTP Monitoring will verify uptime and overall performance of your FTP server(s) and alert you if there's ever a performance issue.

FTP Server Test
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Are you having trouble connecting from a certain location or do you have users identifying issues connecting to an FTP site? This FTP test will show you whether your FTP site is actively accepting connections when presented with valid credentials. There are several different options available on the FTP connection test.

Test FTP Server Connections

Testing availability of the FTP server is the first step in monitoring an FTP site. Initially, enter the FTP server hostname or IP address to verify that the FTP monitoring service is able to access the server.

Test FTP Authentication

If the FTP server requires secure credentials for authentication, you can enter a username, a password, and specify whether an SSL connection is required.

Test FTP Download

In the full version, available by trying a free 30-day trial, you can enter a directory path and filename and the system will begin downloading the file to verify that the file is available for download. Using this full version allows you to set up recurring FTP monitoring around the clock. You can also set up custom alert messages to tell you when the FTP monitor encounters a problem.

While this one-off FTP connection test is useful to determine whether an FTP server is listening for connections right now, it must be performed manually. If you sign up for a free 30-day trial of the full features of Dotcom-Monitor you can schedule ongoing FTP tests that can perform additional tasks such as verifying that specific files are available on the server. You can also setup automated alerts to call, message or email you when there is a problem connecting to the FTP server. Ongoing monitoring as frequently as every minute from over 2 dozen locations around the world will alert you as soon as a problem is detected.

Validate FTP Server File Structure

In the full version, you can identify a folder path to verify that the file structure has not been changed. If you want to verify that a specific file exists down a particular path. Often times, FTP site monitoring is only a subset of the services our customers use. A free trial account gives you the ability to test all of our products, from website page speed monitoring to full round trip email server monitoring. Sign up today to begin your free trial.

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