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    • Amsterdan, Netherlands
    • 04/08/2015
    • Error Code: F
    • Duration: 1 ms
    • Status: 1
    • Error Description: 1
test32 2 05/03/2013 02:38:40 PM 51 S    
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Streaming Media Server Test

Check the availability and performance of your video streaming service. This test measures connection time, buffering time, received packages, buffering packages, frame rate and average bytes per second from nearly two dozen locations around the world.

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Testing Media and Video Streaming Servers

Test live media streams from dozens of locations around the world to ensure they are accessible and actively streaming content to each location. Streaming media servers can host a variety of media streams using a number of different codecs. The Dotcom-Monitor streaming media test is capable of supporting over a hundred different media codecs. There are also hundreds of different media formats supported with different encoders and decoders for each media format.

Supported Streaming Media Protocols

Streaming media protocols supported include the following: Apple HTTP, CONCAT, CRYPTO, FILE, GOPHER, HLS, HTTP, HTTPPROXY, MMS, PIPE, RTMP, RTP, TCP, UDP, RTSP, and HTTPS.

The Process of Monitoring Streaming Media Servers

The streaming media test will consider the results a success as long a video stream or an audio stream is detected. The advanced capabilities available when you sign up for a free trial of the streaming media monitoring service are also able to detect whether the volume of the audio drops below a specified decibel threshold for longer than an expected timeframe.

If you mange streaming media servers, then you know it is sometimes difficult to verify whether your media stream is working accurately from outside your own network. These tools give you visibility into whether a media stream is available in the geographic region where your viewers are located. While the free tool does not directly tell you the streaming speed or media stream quality, you can view additional details by signing up for the free trial.

Another reason to utilize a streaming media monitor such as Dotcom-Monitor is to ensure that you are alerted the instant a problem occurs with your media streams. Our network performs 24x7 checks from multiple locations around the world. Monitoring is particularly important if you're using content distribution networks (CDNs) or other means of distributing the media from different servers to local geographic viewers. When running internal tests, everything on a video stream test may appear to function normally, but Dotcom-Monitor's global locations give you a much more holistic view of how your audience is experiencing the media stream.

Sign up today to test out our free media streaming server monitoring service for 30 days with no obligation and no credit card required. Feel free to utilize the extensive Knowledge Base to troubleshoot streaming media issues. Some of our customers include radio stations, television networks, syndicated networks, private TV networks, and anyone that provides high quality streaming content.

Streaming Server Monitoring

No matter why you're streaming media, if you have streaming servers we can monitor them. If you use the full blown monitoring product you can also set up alerts to send you emails, text messages or phone calls whenever an issue is detected with your streaming media.

Check Video Streaming Servers

Whether your video stream uses a pure stream or a progressive download, the system can connect to the server, buffer the video and them play the stream for several seconds to gather monitoring data.

Testing a Media Streaming Server

Your streaming video does not necessarily need to have multiple channels for audio, but if it does, we can monitor them. With such a vast list of supported codecs and media formats, as well as over a dozen streaming media protocols, our system can monitor virtually any type of streaming media.

Monitoring Streaming Radio

While the free one time test on this page does not provide streaming speed numbers, signing up for a free trial will allow you to return additional statistics such as Frames per Second (FPS), average bits per second, and quality of the media stream in terms of actual FPS divided by the specified FPS. The media stream monitor can monitor multiple streaming channels for each stream. Depending upon the format of the media, the player can use either a general engine, Windows Media Player (WMP), Flash or Silverlight.

Monitoring for a Quality User Experience

One of the mistakes commonly made when someone is trying to test or monitor a media stream is that they try to input the player address into Dotcom-Monitor instead of the actual raw stream address. If your goal is to make sure that a player itself is displaying on a webpage, you may be interested in trying out one of our other products. UserView allows you to step through actions on a website such as pressing a play button and then capture a screenshot of the icon as the button turns from a play button into the pause button. UserView also has the capability of capturing a video of the monitoring session so when you are troubleshooting you can actually see what was rendered within a real browser.

Finally, if you run a streaming media test and do not find what you are looking for please reach out to us via the online chat or submit a question in our contact form. No matter what the problem, we can work with you to create custom scripted tests to meet your needs.

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