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    • Amsterdan, Netherlands
    • 04/08/2015
    • Error Code: F
    • Duration: 1 ms
    • Status: 1
    • Error Description: 1
test32 2 05/03/2013 02:38:40 PM 51 S    
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HTTP / HTTPS Web Server Test

Test the availability and performance of your HTTP or HTTPS website. Fill in the fields below to test your website from two dozen locations around the world. This is a free test and no login or personally identifiable information is required or retained.

While a onetime test is useful, get an even better picture of your HTTP performance trends using our Server Uptime monitoring. Sign up to automatically test your server and receive alerts whenever your service is down or responds poorly with a free 30-day trial.

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Web Server Performance Test

Test the availability and response time of a web site or web server. Web server performance is measured by several key performance indicators (KPIs).

  1. Does the web server return a valid response? A response of code of 200 is expected from a properly functioning web server. Responses such as 401, 404 and 503 may indicate a problem with the server.
  2. Do all of the elements on the page or application form return valid responses? Even if a page itself is loading properly, there could be individual elements called by the page that do not successfully load due to a number of factors, including third party hosts, CDNs, network latency, and DNS resolution issues.
  3. How fast does the website respond? How long does it take until the user is able to begin to interacting with the page?
  4. What is the total time to load of the entire page? How long does it take to completely load all of the content specified in the HTML of the given page?

This free web server testing tool provides results for several basic KPIs including server response code, time to load and server response errors.

Server Performance Testing

Server performance is one of the most critical aspects of determining the health of a website or web application. If the hardware hosting the application is not performing optimally, the site performance will be impacted. In order to properly test the performance of your web server or server farm, it is best to perform a distributed test from multiple endpoints around the world. This test provides For more in depth testing and performance metrics, sign up for a free 30 day trial of advanced monitoring that includes additional metrics like server speed, server response time, waterfall charts, automated alerts and more.

Why Performance of Individual Elements is Important

Some page elements are dependent on others, meaning that the load time of the complete page can be slowed down while subsequent elements wait for a particular element to load. For example, a page may delay loading all images or content until a JavaScript file has been completely downloaded and opened on the client depending on where the file is called in the page code. In these cases, a waterfall chart of the page load speed is a valuable tool for troubleshooting issues. With our paid subscription, you can also view trends of how long it took each individual element to load over time in order to see if something has changed causing a webpage to load slower than expected.

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