Matt Schmitz is a web performance engineer and director of Dotcom-Monitor’s web performance division. Matt is a leading authority on page speed optimization and has been featured by a number of web performance blogs and media outlets. When he’s not working to make the web a faster place, Matt’s interests include gaming, cryptocurrency, and martial arts.

Common Problems with DNS

The Most Common Problems With DNS

When it comes to accessing the internet, most of us only pay attention to the network infrastructure responsible for displaying our beloved sites after some sort of error. While you may feel the power of websites is related to its server, coding and optimization, the driving force behind all websites is three letters: DNS. To…

Reduce Page Load Time

5 Ways To Reduce Page Load Time

As kids, we were taught that patience is a virtue. From endless grocery shopping trips to the mind-numbing assemblies in an overcrowded auditorium, much of our lives are built upon the principles of patience. But, when it comes to the internet, this fundamental quality doesn’t seem to apply. Modern internet users demand access to visual…