Use Video Formats for Animated Content

Optimize Animated Content

Lighthouse will flag any animated files, such as GIFs, that are potentially too large, along with the potential size savings in size during a test. Developers can then act and convert any necessary animations into a different format, like MPEG or WebM formats. Converting large GIFs into smaller video files allows for immediate bandwidth savings, which is especially important for users accessing your content on mobile devices. Additionally, Lighthouse will recommend converting GIFs into static image formats, like PNG or WebP formats, where applicable. Again, static images more than likely make up the bulk of your website content. The purpose of this audit is to provide insight into where bandwidth can be saved, which provides for more efficient delivery from the server to the browser/client.



Lighthouse is an open-source tool that is used to run an audit against your web pages and provides scores and suggestions for improving page performance, accessibility, SEO, and more.


PageSpeed Terms

PageSpeed Insights is a tool created by Google that reports on the performance of a page on both mobile and desktop devices, and provides suggestions on how that page may be improved.



YSlow is an open-source website analysis tool that can be used to identify web page performance issues. Learn more about the YSlow to enhance your web pages and the user experience.