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website performance slow mobile

Why Is My Website Performance Slow for Mobile Users?

2 minute read Throughout the past several years, mobile internet access has skyrocketed. In fact, it’s projected to become the most common route users take to perform light research and read their favorite websites. While the popularity of mobile websites shouldn’t be a surprise, what is a surprise are the number of sites who still operate underperforming mobile…

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outgrown your web hosting plan questions

Outgrown Your Web Hosting Plan? Answer These 3 Questions

3 minute read You’ve spent countless hours refining your website. From defining content strategy to constructing a performance-driven infrastructure, your hard work has finally paid off. Traffic is steadily rising and you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor. Then, without warning, your once-thriving site begins to slow. What was once a responsive and stable digital environment is transforming…

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Plugins slowing site

Why Plugins May Be Slowing Your Website?

3 minute read While the topic of plugins and website performance are primarily related to those who operate a WordPress website, this conversation is worth having for anyone looking to boost their overall website performance. Although you may not experience the potential speed degradation of WordPress plugins if you’re operating a different framework, the fundamental principle of this…

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